Home is not a place, it’s a feeling

our story began in Istanbul and nourished in Vienna where we figured out we love spending quality time at home, at the beach or in the park; as well as while traveling and exploring new things. living in cities, we  knew we needed to be more practical and travel light most of the time.

we thought we could take some easy essentials with us wherever we go and enjoy using them. searching for the best quality and environment -friendly products, we designed these nomad folks throws which can be used at different occasions and purposes. You can wear nomad folks throws, put on as a scarf, use as beach towel, picnic blanket or table cloth.

our throws are all hand-loomed by small boutique artisans in the Aegean region in Turkey where home textiles products are still been produced by small local family businesses. we also love nature and feel nomad folks products can be used anywhere. being practical and easy is crucial to us so we hope you enjoy our products and use them in versatile ways.

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    Your posts is really appealing.

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